motorpsychic bass overdrive

White Lake City doesn´t need you. IT LOVES YOU for  being around! Regardless whether you drop in for a session after years of repeatingly failing in rock´n´roll high school or you just returning gloriously and laurel crowned from the electric skies.


The WHITE LEAKE CITY (WLC) bass overdrive  was designed as a one off pedal for a White Lake City local and got worked over, revised and distilled over the past years.

WLC demo on guitar                                           /// WLC rehaearsal

The 2018 WLC is equipped with the HIGH-DRIVE feature. It allows you to shape the top end of the overdriven frequencies ranging from a dark midrange growl with a less distorted upper frequencies range into a dynamic top end sizzle. 


The BASS control is designed as a active low end boost. No matter how much foam this beast conveys on its mouth, there will always be enough fundamental bass under the keel of this vessel. Which will be felt, heard and never be outshined by the overdriven top end.

The three-way CLIPPING-SWITCH lets you choose  from  a open and more dynamic and louder distortion character at the center position  or  LED or silicon-clipping. Which  yields more distortion and compression.

WhiteLakeCity Bass Overdrive 2016 ///