The Burns Buzzaround© fuzz was among the first pedals I built and got obsessed with. Its „modern“ high gain qualities with a smooth top end and its dense texture made me keep at least one of these pedals over time.


This grandfather of germanium dirt boxes had its 50th anniversary in 2016. But this old school circuit  is still loaded with tons of well balanced gain for nowadays fuzzy needs. With a heart of three NOS Tungsgram © AC128 from Hungaria.

The original unit works on „positive ground“. No worries. The FUZZTARD comes with a built in voltage inverter and is daisychainable for todays guitar pedals.


To make it a work horse even more than it ever was, RANDALE PEDALE splashed out a ACTIVE TONE CONTROL for bass, mids and treble to guarantee doom for days or edgy and cutting sounds with a fresh breeze from the past for you cheeky fellows.