The HAZER is a four photo cell modulation circuitry that delivers the  liquid lo-fi  and vibey phase effect reminiscent of a rotary speaker.

The HAZER comes with a extensive variety of hypnotic swirling waveforms including two random modes.

The pedal features a output level control to fine tune your line level as well as the option to tap the desired speed of the LFO with your boot.




RATE sets the speed of the phasing effect. The rate can also be set hands-free by stomping the left foot switch. Almost ringmoddish modulation speeds can be found with the control turned fully clockwise.


WAVEFORM offers eight different waveforms to set the character of the sweep. Set the waveform by
turning the control clockwise:


ramp up / ramp down / square / triangle / sine / sweep / random level / random slopes

“Random level” changes the course of the waveform in a erratic way jumping  immediately from one random point to another. That “steps” can be smaller or bigger. “Random slopes” moves linearly (falling orrising) from one random point  to another.


FEEDBACK takes the output signal and feeds it back into the input of the phase shifter stages to raise the intensity of the phasing effect. It´s a little like adding further phasing stages to the signal. By rotating the control clockwise the sound shifts from a dark lo-fi tone with a subtle vibe into a brighter  and more vibey sound with a more pronounced phasing effect.

DEPTH adjusts the depth of the shifted notches and adds more phasing effect to the mix. Clockwise it also increases the harmonic tremolo-like character of the effect.

LOUD sets the overall output volume of the pedal.