The BLOSSOM FILTER is RANDALE PEDALE´s missing link between wah and tremolo.


The BLSSM FLTR delivers a abundant variety of  waveforms to modulate the wah-type filter. Flick the TREMOLO SWITCH and combine the filter with a built in tremolo to add further choppiness.

From choppy square waves, rising or falling triangle waveforms to pulses and random waveforms, it´s all in the BLOSSOM.


Choose RATE to set the tempo for the  modulation speed or tap it hands-free into the momentary  TAP SWITCH with your foot. There is a convenient TAP-TEMPO MULTIPLIER to “tap” shorter note lengths.


The LEVEL control helps to adapt your effect volume to the desired line level.  PEAK sets the maximum upper frequency of the filter for a more mellow to a brighter sound with clockwise rotation.