hooked on the raw, ballsy and archaic side of planet "rock´n´roll" RANDALE PEDALE  designs dirt boxes to follow the sound his heart and soul were aching for. fuzz is the main ingredient of every dish i´ve been cooking since 2013. and i´d love to share it with you.

archaic. cathartic. cleansing.  



 €240,00 + shipment

The SMOKE´S A-BLOWIN´ FUZZ UNIT covers  all  nuances from overdrive tones into beefy fuzztortion.

thanks to the active  bass control  none of the low end will ever be lost or sacrificed when push comes to shove.  it´s also capable of a profound bass boost suitable for bass guitar.

the "sweep control" yields a very nice "bouquet de EQ" on top.  "dooom-up" your sound, notch it or just find yourself with a fragile shoegaze-kind of sound.


it´s up to you.

full demo by beautiful gear demos                             opening song by beautiful gear demos